The story of Lilly's heart.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Quick update

I figured I would update real fast while I am waiting on my load of laundry to finish in the washer, so I can switch it to the dryer. It's late, hope this all makes sense. : )

Lilly visited Dr. Nash on Monday and got her synagis shot. : ( She did fine, but was cranky for a few hours afterward.

On Tuesday, Emily, Lilly and I went and picked up donations for door prizes at the will all be very happy with the outcome!

Wednesday, we visited Dr. Hess. She said everything is a-ok for surgery, and she will see us a couple weeks after Lilly gets out of the hospital. I was a little surprised that she won't be visiting and checking up on Lilly while she is in the hospital, but she said Dr. Tam (the surgeon) and her other colleagues will take good care of her.

Thursday was low-key, but both Lilly and I were feeling a little bit under the weather.

Lilly and I both visited the dr on Friday. Lilly has yet another ear infection in BOTH ears and I am battling a nasty sinus infection. I am 100x better after a couple doses out of a Z-pak and Lilly seems to be doing much better with her Cedax and nightly dose of Zrytec. Her nose is still a bit runny, but not near as bad as before the meds. (One more reason to hopefully coordinate the heart surgery with getting tubes in her ears.)

Lilly's Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser is tomorrow!! 2017 South Main Street Keller, TX 76248

I will be there at 11 and stay a couple hours, and then Chelsea and I will both be back around 6pm. Carter Bloodcare will be there doing a blood drive for Lilly from 11:30-3:30. BWW is donating 10% of total food sales from whoever comes in with a "Lilly coupon". If you don't have one, we will be in front of the building handing them out. We can't technically hand them out in front of the door, but they said we could hand them out in front of the Carter Bloodcare bus - which will be in front of the front door. : )

The walk/run will be Saturday! I will have more info in my next blog about that. The main thing is that it's at 8:30am at Bear Creek Park in Keller.  400 Bear Creek Parkway Keller, TX. $10 for the 1-mile and $15 for the 3-mile. Register Here!

I must go shower, change the clothes over, and get to bed - busy, busy day tomorrow. I hope to see all of your lovely faces at BWW!


We love you, Lilly!

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