The story of Lilly's heart.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

BWW and the surgeon

The Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser was on Monday. It was great! The staff was truly amazing, and helped in every way they possibly could! They are even thinking about putting a softball team together for the tournament in April. The manager is even thinking about doing another one in April! I had never eaten there before, but I will definitely be going back!

We met with the surgeon, Dr. Tam, today. OH. MY. GOSH. He is awesome! He answered every single question we had and did not make us feel rushed at all...even though we found out he was late for his next appointment! He was very kind in his words and described exactly what he will be doing to Lilly. We found out she will be on the bypass machine for 1 hour - 90 min! That is so scary to me, but I know she's in God's hands. He is also going to work with the ENT, Dr. Fewins, to get her tubes in her ears prior to the heart procedure. I am so thankful for that. Now we won't have to put her to sleep a second time.

We also toured the 2nd and 3rd floors - where we will be spending our week. The surgery waiting room is somewhat small, but there is overflow room in the atrium. Once Lilly gets to her ICU bed, the waiting room is much better. We'll be able to stay with her 24/7 and she can have 2 visitors at a time on top of Chelsea and I. I don't mind having visitors, I just want to stress to everyone that it is pretty scary to see a baby with so many tubes in their tiny little body. Especially a baby you know. Once she is in her regular room, she can play and have as many visitors in her room that show up. There is also a playroom for her to play in once she feels up to it.

I feel a little better about everything now that we have met with Dr. Tam. I am still very nervous about it, but I now have answers to the questions I had. I don't want Lilly to have to go through this, but I am glad we chose Cook's. She will be in the best hands!

The walk is Saturday!! Register Here! We have tons of door prizes and an obstacle bounce house for the kiddos. We'll also have a DJ and food from Panera Bread. It is going to be sooo much fun. The ladies that are organizing it have been working SUPER hard! I am really, really looking forward to being there and seeing all the support and love for Lilly. Like I have said before, we couldn't get through it without all of you.

Well, it's late and I'm tired. Tomorrow I hope to get some house cleaning done, and some stuff done for Lilly's new nursery! I will go into details later, but my friend Laura has given the gift of a nursery for Lilly to me!! (with some help from my mom, and sister) I am so very grateful for her friendship. She is truly amazing and I am one lucky chick to be able to call her my friend. Oh and her daughter, Rylee, is Lilly's bestie. They are going to be double trouble in a couple years!! : )

Oh and by the way - Lilly is doing good. Her nose is still running like crazy, but we still have about 5 more days of antibiotics. Lets hope it clears up before surgery. They won't have to postpone it for that, but it will probably be miserable for her if her nose is constantly dripping.


We love you, Lilly!

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  1. Let me know the details on the nursery! I have a pattern to make a whole crib set that I haven't used yet :)