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Monday, February 28, 2011

Fundraisers and Kimonos...oh my!

It's 12:30am. Lilly and Chelsea are sleeping and I just finished my mid-term for Literature. That was one of the hardest things I've had to do involving school. I can now say that I despise Walt Whitman. Ha!

Lilly is doing great. She is almost walking! She uses her baby doll stroller and cruises all over the living room. So cute! We have a sedated ECHO scheduled for Thursday. I hate when they have to sedate her. She doesn't understand what's going on and she's not allowed to eat for so many hours before hand. Makes for a somewhat cranky Lilly.

This ECHO will be with her second opinion doctor, Dr. Thankavel. She is through Children's Medical Center in Dallas. I like her a lot, however she is very new to the practice. She's been at Children's for about 5 years. Dr. Hess has 20+ years on her. She wants to be sure that the aortic valve is truly beginning to show itself more and help us to gain more knowledge on the situation. The only way to get a complete view of the valve is to sedate her, so we agreed to have it done again. The good thing is that she's only out of it for about 45min-1hour.

But on to more exciting things! We have fundraisers set up to help us with some of the medical expenses and one to help Lilly to get some stylin' post surgery outfits! My awesome friend Lisa has set up a "kimono sewing", and my other awesome friend, Emily, has set up a deal with Buffalo Wild Wings. My mom was able to set up something with a little bar and grill in North Richland Hills.

The kimonos are coming from all over the US...Canada too, I think. It will be the easiest thing for Lilly to wear since she will be sore, have lots of IVs and tubes on her, and to help us doctor her incision when needed. We can't lift her up from under her arms for 6 weeks and it will be painful for her to lift them for a while, so it only makes since to have wrap around outfits. I will then get to pay it forward to the next little heart baby. That, quite possibly, excites me the most! : )

Emily set up Buffalo Wild Wings for March 14th. We get 10% of the day's profit to go toward bills and expenses. She has also set up a blood drive with Carter Bloodcare. It will all be happening at BWW.

My mom and I decided we might need to set up another date just in case people couldn't make it on the 14th, so we set up the exact same deal (minus the blood drive) with a brand new little bar and grill called Napoli's. This one is happening this Friday (March 4th).

I am soooo excited about all 3 things - I can't even begin to put it into words. It means so much that there are still people out there with big enough hearts to care about others. I know that Lilly will appreciate this when she grows up and is old enough to understand what she has been through. I only hope she does not regret the things that have happened to her or have a negative feeling toward having a CHD. It will be what makes Lilly, Lilly, and I hope she wears hear battle scar with pride. : )

We love you, Lilly!

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